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Daily eHow Earnings Graph

Just a quick post for today showing my actual daily eHow earnings over the last ~2.5 months. In my eHow earnings tracking spreadsheet, I compute the actual daily earnings each day (unless of course I am unable to check for a given day or eHow doesn't update).

In case it is a little difficult to see, the dates on the bottom range from 7/09/09 to 8/17/09 and the dollar values on the y-axis range from $0 to $6. It's clear that there is a nice upward trend and you see less and less low earning days and more and more higher ones as time goes on.

There are definitely larger swings these days, as within the last week I have had a $6 day and a ~$1 day. But I will take that over consistent $.20 days anyday.

-Captain eHowius


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