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eHow Keyword Research - Go For The Obvious

I'd like to share a method of researching eHow keywords or topics that I've found to be very effective. Ironically, it is an extremely simple method and one that does not take a large amount of time.

There are of course many advanced ways to go about researching keywords for use in eHow articles (or other MMO places too). There is certainly nothing wrong with them, other than many of them take a significant amount of time. Typically, these in-depth keyword tools yield long-tail keyword results such as "low cost all in one printers" or something like that.

While I do use these methods sometimes (love Google Keyword Tool), I have found that sometimes blatantly obvious or basic keywords have gone "unclaimed" so to speak in eHow. What I mean is that there are some keywords that seem so basic or simple that no one apparently has written an eHow for them. I'm not talking about something like "How to breathe" or "How to walk". I am talking about something such as "How to restart a XYZ device" or "How to replace a ABC battery". While some of these tutorials may be no brainers for the technologically inclined, there are many people (often older) who find them useful.

Go ahead and Google something like "switch tv output" or "reset car trip mileage" and you will see many people looking for such things. And yet often times, no one has put them on eHow yet leaving opportunities wide open. Especially when new gadgets or tech devices come out, there are always people wondering how to reboot them, turn wireless on/off, basic things like that. Sometimes I will be using a device (computer, video game console, MP3 player, whatever) and I will peruse through settings looking for interesting setting options that people may not know how to do. Often times these will be simple but useful things like how to adjust the sleep settings on a device.

Again I want to stress I'm not talking about spammy articles like "How to open a door", but rather things that people do look for online but seem so simple that they are neglected in eHow.

By the way, still on track for $60 this month and hopefully a little extra $ beyond that.

-Captain Jack "eHow" Sparrow


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