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Partial August eHow Earnings Update

So we're 10 days into August and I'm at about $17 for the month so far. Extrapolating that out I would be looking at $54 for the month, not far from my $60 goal. In reality, I think I will easily be able to meet that $60 goal as my average daily eHow earnings keep going up. Over the last week they have been at about $2/day. In the beginning of the month they were closer to $1.50/day, but I expect the last couple weeks of this month to be more around $2.50 or $3.00 per day which will help make up for the slower start (had a $.60 in there during the first week).

Another interesting statistic is that last month (July), it took me ~24 days to make $17 on eHow. This month I have earned the same amount in 10 days, less than half the time.

Captain eHowHow (anyone ever do Indian Guides?)


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