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September Earnings Update

Despite a slow start to eHow earnings for this past month (September 2009), I came close to reaching my goal of $100 for the month. Unfortunately, I ultimately fell a little short and came in at $93.24. Overall though, I'm pretty pleased with that as it's still a solid increase over my August earnings of $70.26.

In the last half of September I brought in $56, thus I would expect that next month I should at least be able to earn about $112. I will actually set my goal at $125, which is what I was aiming for last month before changing my earnings goal.

Let's hope October is a solid earnings month!

-Captain eHowstar



Nice! I have high hopes for October too. I'm going to try my hand at some seasonal articles this month- I realize the boost will be short-term, but money > no money!

Julie @ Write for eHow

I agree that October is looking stronger. Good luck with the goal!

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