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Near Mid September eHow Earnings Update

Well 13 days into September and I'm at $27.00 even for my eHow earnings. While this is more money from eHow than I had 13 days into August (about $23), it's no where near on track for my $125 September earnings goal.

I'm really hoping the last half of this month picks up. The last several days have been more what they should be, with one of them falling into my top 5 earning days of all time ($4.30 came in today).

Nonetheless, I ended up with nearly $70 last month and I'm still ahead of that so realistically something like $80-$90 is within reason. A more realistic stretch goal for the money I plan to make from eHow this month is $100.

I also think that I need to spend a little more time researching my articles. Recently, I've found myself doing more of the "quick idea" type ones rather than ones I truly research. While sometimes those work, they are often hit and miss (good thing I write ~2/weekday). Anyways, I also plan to look more closely at existing successful articles (ones that have earned well and rank well in Google) and try to do related spinoffs.

Good luck to everyone out there.

-Captain "eHow" Crunch


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