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Early September eHow Earnings - Work To Be Done

I wanted to give a first week of September eHow earnings update. My first week of September earnings is lower than I had expected at about $14. While $2/day is certainly not bad and I'm still a couple bucks ahead of where I was last month at this time, it's clear I have some work to do.

I read about a few other people in the eHow forums who were also having a slow start. Even if that is the case, I am going to increase my work on eHow and try to put out more than my 2 articles per weekday norm.

My $125 eHow earnings goal for this month may be unrealistic, especially if these slower than expected earnings continue but we'll see where it goes. At a minimum, I'd at least like to bring in $100 in September eHow compensation. For the time being though, I'll keep my goal at $125 and double down my efforts to get there.

How is everyone elses September going?

-Captain eHowitzer


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