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Earnings Update- August eHow Earnings Goal Met!

I'm very happy to say that I've met my August 2009 eHow earnings goal of $60. In fact, I ended up at $67 and change after all was said and done. A few interesting stats:

  • My average eHow earnings for the first 7 days of the month was $1.71. My average earnings for the last 7 days of the month was $2.90
  • My highest single day of eHow earnings was $5.64 which I am very happy with. If/when I am able to average that amount daily, thats $2058.60 a year.
  • I reached the $100 mark ($102.02) on the last day of August which is a nice milestone as well. But while it took 2.5 months to get to this $100 point, I expect to make more than that each month from here on out.

Since my average earnings per day increased by ~$1.20/day between the first and last weeks of the month, I expect that next month I can increase my average earnings by more than that over the course of September. I'd like to see a $2.00 average daily basically be at ~$4.90/day by the end of September. That would put me at $117 for the month of September, so I'll set my goal at $115 for September.

Hopefully this is motivating to anyone earlier on in their eHow work. The fact that after around 3 months of work I'll be bringing in $100/month without having to do any more work is awesome.

-Captain James eHow Kirk



Wow! Congrats on meeting your earnings goal. I hope you end up making that 115 in Sept. Hopefully by then I will be making more too!


So how do you get your daily earnings? Just checking daily? I have a spreadsheet to track how much I make on a monthly basis, but since the daily updates can be sporadic I've had trouble tracking daily rates.

Dr. Jim ehow McCoy

Captain eHow

Rachel- Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you do well this next month too.

Cat- For my daily earnings I check the "My Earnings" screen. They usually are good about updating this every day around noon (CST). I then put the daily earnings, # articles, # views into a spreadsheet. I also compute things like average earnings per article, average earnings per day, and actual daily earnings. I'll probably do a post about my tracking spreadsheet soon.


Thanks for the info! I'll try to do that as well. I've been trying to find a system that won't get unruly if I wind up with 100+ articles.

Captain eHow

Your welcome Cat (McCoy haha). eHow is definitely friendly for those with over 100 articles. While I am just a few over that myself currently, there are people with 1000+. More money for you, more money for situation. I'd love to hear how your earnings progress as you go on.

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