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eHow Adjusted August Earnings (Increased!)

So I just noticed today that eHow actually increased my final August earnings. Some of you may have been aware that there have been some reporting issues in the last week. For many eHow members the total dollars earned in August didn't match the payment pending amount.

Well it seems that this was finally corrected and when it was, my earnings for August actually jumped to $70.26 (they were $65.32 previously). I'll certainly take that.

I'm increasing my eHow earnings goal for September in light of this and doing a little more thinking. My July to August earnings increase was ~$40 ($30 to $70). So if I merely increase earnings by the same amount August to September, that'll put me at $110. I'd like to be a little bit more agressive than that and so I'm going to set my goal for $125 for September. Not unreasonable but it'll require a lot of effort and keep me motivated. Good luck to everyone this month!

-Captain Jean Luc eHow


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