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Massive Source of eHow Ideas

For anyone struggling to think of topics to write about on eHow, I have started using a new strategy when I have writer's block. This may not work for everyone, depending on what type of keywords or topics you generally go after on eHow, but I've found it helpful.

In the past, I've written on this blog about perusing forums about topics that you're interested in and searching for eHow ideas in there. Along that same path, I've recently started downloading user guides/manuals for various products and looking through those for How To's that are not common sense. Many modern electronic products as well as most pieces of software are so complex that there are many features that even regular users are not aware of. By essentially "mining" these user guides for tutorials, you are helping people discover features they never knew they had right at their fingertips.

Part of eHows terms of use involves making sure that articles aren't so obvious that they don't require a tutorial (how to open a door, for instance). So you certainly need to be sure that you aren't writing about something that is so basic it gets removed.

On a side note, my nice 5 day streak of relatively large eHow earnings has ended with things more back to normal now. It was a much needed boost though after a slow first half the September.

-Captain Iliketomakemoneyfrom eHow


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